What we do

Our overall goal is to increase smallholder farm production and productivity to ultimately increase their income. We realize this by reaching out to local farmers, offerring vocational education programs on our demonstrative farm where we teach about modern cultivation methods such as soil conservation and increase understanding of market viability and value-addition opportunities, post-harvest handling, storage, diversification, or new market options. In addition, we educate about, how to handle, obtain and make use of high-quality raw materials such as improved modified seeds as well as drip irrigation and greenhouses. After participation, the smallholder farmers experience an average increase in income between $90-$140 dollars per month

Besides our training programs, participants are offered to be a partner-farm, being enabled by microfinance for high-quality inputs such as modern seeds, drip irrigation, and agrochemicals as well as an aftercare program where 24/7 assistance is offered by our trained staff

We contribute by increasing the income of smallholder farmers, lower livelihood risk, and encourage agricultural innovation; the result provides high quality, nutritional, fresh, and flavourful variety of fruits, spices, and vegetables for national consumption and eases the acute lack of domestic product.

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